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Helping you stay fit at home

With many of us in lockdown and stuck at home, we know that exercise and keeping fit can be challenging. The normal incidental exercise we get from being out and about has gone. Some of you may have learnt to adapt a gym workout to the living room. This can be a little more challenging when you have SCI. So, we’ve pulled together some resources to help you stay fit and active during this time.

For some background information on why it’s important to exercise after sustaining a Spinal Cord Injury, please watch this video:

For tips and advice on how to begin exercising with SCI, please watch this video:

We recommend starting with some light cardio, though if you ever feel unsure or uncomfortable, please reach out to us or your physio for specific questions. The video we’ve included below is a 30-minute cardio workout that is divided up by several songs. We recommend starting with just one song for now, especially if you’re not used to cardio training. Over the coming weeks, you can increase the duration of your workout one song at a time until you feel comfortable enough to complete the full 30 minutes.

Have a go at this 30-minute cardio workout:

*Please note: Before starting, make sure you are well supported in your chair (at 28 seconds into the video, they suggest scooting forward or backward in your chair for more stability. We DO NOT advise this and suggest you stay seated normally in your chair for the duration of the workout). Remember, you are looking to elevate your heart rate, not stress your heart rate. You should always stop if you experience any discomfort and contact a health professional. If you have not been exercising for a longer period of time, it is good to speak with a doctor before starting an exercise program.

If you have any questions about staying fit during lockdown or any other health concerns, reach out to one of our dedicated staff via or head to our website for information