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Forward Favourites

We’re welcoming a new series: Forward Favourites. This will become a space where we share what we’ve been watching, listening to and reading over the past month with the hope that it will inspire you to engage with the content.

What we’re watching:

Employable Me

This series follows the journey of a few Aussie job seekers who are determined to show that living with a physical or neurological disability shouldn’t make a person unemployable. The show introduces each person as we’re offered a glimpse into their daily lives and follow their journey navigating the job market. The heartfelt series shines a light on the extremely present discrimination that people living with a disability face when searching for a job and in everyday life. Season 1 and 2 are available to watch here on ABC iView.  

What we’re listening to:

ListenABLE by Dylan Alcott and Angus O’Loughlin, episode 51.

The boys kicked off 2022 and returned this year with another great instalment to their podcast series. In this episode, Angus catches up with the newly appointed Australian of the Year, Dylan Alcott and his busy start to 2022. Following his final match at the Australian Open and retirement from tennis altogether, Dylan shares what was going through his mind when he won Australian of the Year and what’s next.

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What we’re reading:

Have Wheelchair Will Travel Blog

Julie Jones, the Sydney-based travel consultant and mum, shares her experiences travelling around the world with her family. She travels with her husband, daughter and son, who is living with cerebral palsy. As a child, Julie explains she travelled a lot with her family and didn’t want her children to miss out on the same experiences. However, travelling with a wheelchair was a lot harder than she anticipated.

The blog was created to share her research and experiences travelling with her son, who uses a wheelchair. It highlights accessible holiday spots, restaurants and inclusive travel options for people in a wheelchair. Julie created the blog with the mindset that people who use a wheelchair shouldn’t be excluded from travel and the resources are often limited and hard to find. Check out the latest blog post reviewing their stay and the accessible facilities at Sydney’s Crowne Plaza at Coogee Beach.

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