Forward works with participants to achieve great outcomes with NDIS - Forward Ability Support

Forward works with participants to achieve great outcomes with NDIS

You know Forward Ability Support
(formerly ParaQuad NSW) as a provider of in-home support, clinical assessments and accommodation, but we also undertake substantial advocacy activities on behalf of members.

Over the past two years, Forward has been working tirelessly alongside the residents of our accommodation facility to ensure they receive the supports from the NDIS necessary to deliver the levels of care and service required to meet their needs.

This process has been long and arduous, involving complex assessments and representations to the upper echelons of the NDIA. We have committed our management time to conducting thorough assessments of our clients’ needs and then advocating in their interests to the NDIA. Although the negotiations have been complex, in the majority of cases we have been able to reach a satisfactory outcome for our residents ensuring they continue to access the appropriate level of health support for their individual needs. We are proud to say that through our efforts, clients have been able to access the best clinical expertise available to people with spinal cord injury.

While some cases continue to be debated with the NDIA, Forward will continue its advocacy on behalf of these residents. Although we have reached a satisfactory outcome for the moment, the re-evaluation process starts again later this year. You can be sure that Forward will be steadfast in standing up for our residents’ rights, working to ensure they receive the best care and support available.